The main objective of FPE is to promote the flexible packaging industry and represents the interests of the sector at the highest levels in Europe. It is proactively involved in the provision of clear, relevant information to the authorities about the European flexible packaging industry to help facilitate legislation that is both realistic and manageable. FPE also helps to provide clear and factual information about the industry to help answer concerns and issues around flexible packaging.

The recognised voice for the European flexible packaging industry

  • FPE is a partner with many important European institutions including Commission, Parliament, and Council of Europe
  • FPE liaises and works closely with relevant associations and industry representatives.
  • FPE participates in relevant EU working groups and committees

Despite its tight sector focus FPE has established a strong reputation in Brussels through the provision of timely, relevant and clear information on the flexible packaging industry.

The various associations and European Institutions FPE is working with are available through the "Links" section.

Main Lobby Issues

Food Contact Issues:

  • migration limits & compliance
  • multilayers
  • alternatives for testing: modelling, exposure, functional barrier
  • hygiene, GMP, traceability
  • various specific substances

Most relevant EU legislation:

  • Food Contact Materials Framework Regulation (No. 1935/2004)
  • Consolidated Plastics Food Contact Directive (2002/72/EC) and its amendments
  • Regulation on Plastic Materials and Articles Intended to Come into Contact with Food - commonly referred to as the Plastics Implementing Measure (PIM) - (No. 10/2011)
  • Directives restricting the use of certain epoxy derivates in food contact materials

Environment / H&S Issues:

  • process emissions
  • packaging waste: recycling, recovery, litter
  • REACH (EU Chemicals Policy): deselection, definitions, impact

Other relevant legislation:

  • Solvents Emissions Directive (99/13/EC)
  • IPPC Directive (96/16/EC)
  • "Solvents BREF" (under construction)
  • Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive (94/62/EC amended by 2005/20/EC))