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Publicly available documents:

FlexAffairs Briefing - regular newsletter with updates on the latest developments in the area of food contact legislation
FPE Code for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Flexible and Fibre-Based Packaging for Food
Guideline on use of isocyanate-based adhesives in packaging laminates

Library documents*

Legislation and Recommendations for Food Contact Materials (FCM)

EU Legislation
• Commission website and documents
• Key Regulations and Directives
• Repealed EU legislation
• Commission guidance documents
• Links to official bodies, e.g. the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the European Reference Laboratory for Food Contact materials (EURL-FCM) and their publications
• Council of Europe Recommendations and Resolutions
• National Food Contact Legislation
   o In the EU, including Belgian Royal Decrees, Dutch Warenwet, French DGCCRF Guidance, German BfR Recommendations
   o Outside the EU, including Swiss Ordinance, US FDA Regulations Links to other industrial associations,
    their Codes of Practice and Guidelines
• Links to food contact standards (e.g. for aluminium for food contact, CEN standards on migration testing)
• Other documents and links
   o FPE Projects
   o Papers from seminars and conferences
   o Scientific papers

Hygiene Regulations and Standards
Traceability Guidelines
Legislation and Guidelines for Cosmetics Packaging

REACH and CLP Regulations
• EU Legislation
• European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) lists and guidance documents including:
   o Authorisation (Annex XIV)
   o Restrictions (Annex XVII)
   o Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC)
   o Registry of Intentions for SVHC, Restriction and CLP proposals)
   o PACT

Biocides Legislation
Solvent Emissions Regulations
Packaging Waste Directive and Essential Requirements

• European level
• National Standardisation Institutions

Overview of Seminars and Conferences related to food contact and legislative affairs

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