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Our 'FlexAffairs Briefing' offers a regular and comprehensive update on the latest developments about food contact legislation relevant for the flexible packaging industry in Europe.

FlexAffairs Briefing - Jan 2019
FlexAffairs Briefing - Sep 2018
FlexAffairs Briefing - May 2018
FlexAffairs Briefing - March 2018

The former FlexAffairs newsletter is available here:

FlexAffairs: Vol.9 (March 2016)
FlexAffairs: Vol.8 (January 2015)
FlexAffairs: Vol.7 (March 2014)
FlexAffairs: Vol.6 (January 2013)
FlexAffairs: Vol.5 (January 2012)
FlexAffairs: Vol.4 (August 2011)
FlexAffairs: Vol.3 (January 2011)
FlexAffairs: Vol.2 (August 2010)
FlexAffairs: Vol.1 (January 2010)