Officers re-elected to serve another term in 2023/5 at Flexible Packaging Europe

At its summer conference, held this year in Thessaloniki, the members of Flexible Packaging Europe (FPE) re-elected Jakob A. Mosser to the Chair. He was first elected in 2020. Also continuing their terms of office are Vice-Chairs Michele Guala and Michael Zacka.

FPE is the industry association representing the interests of more than 85 small, medium-sized companies as well as multinational manufacturers. Those companies operate with a workforce of 57,000+ people at more than 350 sites across Europe. The member companies account for almost 90% of European sales of flexible packaging made of different materials, mainly plastics, aluminium, and paper. More than half of all food products sold on the European retail markets are packed with flexible packaging.

Following his re-election Jakob A. Mosser, who is Executive Chairman of Coveris, commented, “To be asked to serve another term as chair of FPE is deeply gratifying and l greatly appreciate the trust shown in my leadership, which has been greatly assisted and informed by Michele and Michael. When l first took up this post, in the middle of the pandemic, l talked about the challenges all along the value chain. Little did any of us realise that another event, the war in Ukraine, would cause more disruption as energy prices spiked, our raw material costs soared, as did inflation, and labour shortages and supply chain disruptions further impacted our commercial operations.”

“During all this we have continued to face the environmental challenges and legislative developments in the pursuit of a more sustainable world, where plastics seems to be regarded as the chief target. Through all this FPE is continued to work with others to make the case for flexible packaging and support and expand the work on several fronts for a more circular economic model. This work will continue and l am confident that FPE and its members will continue to make a positive contribution and that flexible packaging in Europe has a bright and successful future ahead.”

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