OSOA - A Tailored Risk Assessment for Food Contact Materials and Articles

The Chemical Strategy for Sustainability (CSS) envisions better coordination and distribution of tasks between EU agencies like EFSA and ECHA concerning the hazard and risk assessment of substances. This translates in the aspirational approach of ‘one-substance, one-hazard-assessment’ (OSOA) followed by a tailored risk assessment as suggested by various stakeholders of the packaging value chain.

 Together with many other stakeholders of the packaging value chain, we believe this approach can be incorporated in the ongoing review of food contact materials and articles (FCMA) legislation. FCMA evaluations require a balanced approach that can support the implementation of the Chemical Strategy for Sustainability. One that integrates the practical implementation of ECHA hazard evaluation, and the risk assessments taken by EFSA, with its extensive experience in food safety and dietary exposure. Such an approach has the potential of greatly improving the assessment process for substances used in FCMA across Europe in the future.

A joint paper offers a reflection on the OSOA concept and the need for tailored risk assessments for FCMA. 

Please join us reflecting how the concept of “one substance - one assessment” (OSOA) suggested in the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability will fit both the future chemical legal framework and the FCM revision of rules.

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