Flexible Packaging Markets

Their area of use in many different product groups is just as varied as their shape and form

Thanks to the increased consumer focus on convenience and sustainability, flexible packaging is seeing exceptional growth across all formats and producing innovative and creative solutions for food, beverage, pharmaceuticals and other consumer packaged goods (CPGs). It provides impactive, highly cost-effective and resource efficient methods to preserve, protect and distribute packaged goods and consumables, including many that need extended shelf life.

For the food sector, flexible packaging not only helps to prevent food waste by offering optimised fit-for-purpose solutions – such as portion packs – but can make a much more efficient use of the material than in alternative packaging formats, such as bottles or cans.

Flexible packaging can be designed with properties tailored to suit the products being packaged, and their end uses – so light but strong, resealable or with high barrier protection. Packs can be produced in a wide variety of formats, including innovative shapes and sizes. They can incorporate components including easy opening and re-closing devices such as spouts and zips. New concepts for enhanced convenience are being added regularly.

The following pages demonstrate how flexible packaging supports efficient use of resources and waste minimization throughout the lifecycle of a wide and varied range of CPGs. Whatever the product, there is almost always a flexible packaging solution, as you will see..!


Markets Overview