Flexible Packaging for Frozen Foods & Ice Cream

Frozen Foods & Ice Cream

Flexible packaging with excellent barrier properties is the solution of choice to keep frozen foods and ice cream fresh while preventing odours in the freezer.
The freezing process also makes a wide variety of seasonal food and ice creams more available and affordable throughout the year. Freezing is a short, sharp and fast process. It allows food to have a longer shelf life, without the use of preservatives, while still maintaining all the flavour and nutrients.

Frozen Foods

Most frozen fruit and vegetables come in flexible bags now as they are strong and can tolerate the low temperatures in a freezer environment for very long periods, without any loss of barrier performance or flexibility. Their printability also allows the products to be clearly identified and branded. Proteins such as fresh meat are also commonly vacuum wrapped using a flexible material. These offer long term protection, are relatively easy to open when only part of the product (for example chops or steaks) is required and will maintain the remaining product in a safe environment. The consumer can also see the condition of the meat (for example a frozen turkey) and can be confident there is no damage to the skin or freezer burn.

Ice Cream

It is common to see individual ice creams wrapped in flexible bags. This not only keeps the products, such as a lollipop or a chocolate bar, in good condition, but also avoids mess during consumption.