Flexible Packaging for Cigarettes & Tobacco

Cigarettes & Tobacco

Like other sensitive goods, cigarettes and tobacco require packaging which provides barrier properties in order to bring the product to the customer in optimum condition.


Cigarette foil is used to retain the characteristic aroma peculiar to each blend and brand. The aluminium foil/paper laminate provides multiple characteristics, such as barrier properties against moisture and protection against deterioration, aroma transmission and bacteria by sustaining a micro-climate in the packaging.
Shrink and tight wrap films for overwraps – incorporating strong tear seals – add other layers of moisture and flavour barriers as well as grouping of several packs for convenient multi-packs.


Flexible packaging is now the traditional format for loose tobacco and generally takes the style of re-sealable or re-closable laminated film pouches and bags. These packs often have an additional flow-wrapped outer film, all adding to the barrier requirements.