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Relaunching European Competitiveness - A Joint European Industry Manifesto

European industry is making a united call to prevent the risk of de-industrialisation on our continent by relaunching Europe’s competitiveness. The EU enters a new policy cycle at a challenging time, with technology and geopolitics acting as global disruptors, adding pressure to an already difficult economic situation. Now is the time to start building a strategic plan that unlocks the Single Market’s full potential and establishes a regulatory environment for the EU industry to remain globally competitive.

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Supply chain letter on the need for mass balance fuel-use exempt for chemical recycling

The undersigned, representing 20 associations in the plastics supply chain, call on EU Member States to urgently adopt mass balance fuel-use exempt as the EU harmonised mass balance method for allocating recycled content via chemical recycling.

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Flexible Packaging value chain statement on recycled plastic content targets for packaging

The undersigned organisations, representing the flexible packaging value chain in Europe, call upon European legislators to create an environmentally and economically sustainable model for recycled plastic and its use in packaging.

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Cross industry position paper of flexible packaging value chain

Several organisations representing the flexible packaging value chain in Europe call upon European legislators to provide a progressive and forward-looking definition of packaging recyclability, befitting of a circular economy for all categories of packaging formats and materials.

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