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Flexible Packaging Europe (FPE)

We are an industry association for all types of flexible packaging manufacturers. Here you can find out who exactly we are and what we do.

Our Association

Flexible Packaging Europe (FPE) is the industry association representing the interests of more than 85 small, medium-sized companies, and multinational manufacturers. Those operate with a workforce of 57,000+ people at more than 350 sites all over Europe. The member companies account for almost 90% of European sales of flexible packaging made of different materials, mainly plastics, aluminium, and paper. More than half of all food products sold on the European retail markets are packed with flexible packaging.

Years of experience

production sites

of our member companies in Europe with a workforce of about 57.000 employees.

Located in Düsseldorf

Flexible Packaging Europe is located in Düsseldorf, Germany.


member companies

We represent the Eurpoean Flexible Packaging Industry

Our Activities

What we do

The main objective of FPE is to promote the flexible packaging industry and representing the interests of the sector at the highest levels in Europe. It is proactively involved in the provision of clear, relevant information to the authorities about the European flexible packaging industry to help facilitate legislation that is both realistic and manageable. FPE also helps to provide clear and factual information about the industry to help address concerns and issues around flexible packaging.

Our Team

Meet the team who makes everything we do possible

Guido Aufdemkamp

Executive Director

Anja Holthoff-Schlegel

Director Statistics & Market Analysis

Dr. Ernst Simon

Director Regulatory Affairs

Jean-Paul Duquet

Director Sustainability

Wiebke Reisner

Manager Sustainability

Roberta Colotta

Manager Public Affairs

Patrick Altenstrasser

Manager Communications

Astrid Albaum

Executive Assistant

Julia Niklass

Assistant Communications & Events


Million tonnes

Packaging all food in Flexible Packaging would save 15 Million tonnes of packaging material in the EU

5 to 10 times lower

Very low packaging-toproduct ratio: 5 to 10 times lower than alternative solutions


of food products

FP packs more than 50% of food products in Europe while only using 17% of all consumer packaging materials

Sustainability of Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging does have some advantages in terms of sustainability. They were developed to minimize the use of materials in packaging without jeopardizing product safety. In this way, an excellent product-to-packaging ratio can be achieved with the same protective properties. Flexible packaging is particularly light, which leads to a reduction in raw materials and energy over the entire product life cycle, for example due to the smaller space requirement during transport.
In order to prove these points, Flexible Packaging Europe repeatedly commissions studies on the effects of waste prevention through material savings and on life cycle assesments of various products (especially food) and makes their results available here.

The CEFLEX Initiative

CEFLEX is the collaborative initiative of a European consortium of companies representing the entire value chain of flexible packaging. Flexible Packaging Europe is a founding member.

CEFLEX Homepage