Flexible Packaging for Dried Foods & Cereals

Dried Foods & Cereals

Dried food and cereals come in many varieties. Some, such as dried fruits, need to retain a level of moisture, while others need to be kept totally moisture free. Thanks to the many different flexible film types available, a solution – whether a simple monomer or a complex laminate – can usually be found.

The packaging’s primary role is to protect and preserve these products from external threats in the environment. This can be achieved cost effectively and resource efficiently while, at the same time, preserving the quality of these varied foods. Improved barrier properties also mean that modified atmospheres can be introduced to further extend shelf life and protect quality and freshness.
Packs can even be in quite large formats, such as 5Kg sacks for rice or pulses. Thanks to strong plastic formulations these offer easy transportability, barrier properties and excellent puncture resistance. Sometimes the flexible material is used as a liner, or bag in the box. But with the development of larger pouch formats these are increasingly seen on supermarket shelves.