Flexible Packaging for Crisps, Snacks & Nuts

Crisps, Snacks & Nuts

Snack foods demand specific requirements from their packaging, not least to maintain texture, flavour and the overall feeling of freshness over relatively long periods. So these requirements may include barriers to light, oxygen and moisture, as well as overall toughness and excellent sealability.

Flexible bags and stand up pouches are considered a cost-effective and sustainable packaging solution for snack foods. They help them stay fresher longer, preserving strong salty or other savoury flavours, whilst protecting them during transportation and offering high impact ‘on shelf’ – whether as a single or multi-pack.
With most snacks coming in variable shapes and sizes the bag is a much easier option for high speed packaging lines than their rigid counterparts. Different sizes of product can be accommodated easily on modern form-fill-seal machines. Today, while metallized or opaque printed films still dominate, even clear film formats can offer many extended shelf-life attributes. Some now offer a simple reseal component, making them even more competitive with rigid alternatives as well as convenient for the consumer.