LCA Guidance

Guidance for life cycle assessment of flexible packaging

This Guidance is provided by the European flexible packaging industry to support the environmental assessment of flexible packaging solutions from a life cycle thinking perspective. It was elaborated by the environmental sustainability consultancy Quantis in collaboration with experts from six European flexible packaging converting companies and the association Flexible Packaging Europe.

This guidance aims to

  • ease the process of conducting LCAs involving flexible packaging
  • increase methodological consistency
  • reduce documentation requirements

It is intended for use by LCA practitioners, both in the flexible packaging industry as well as further downstream in companies who use flexible packaging to package their products. It can also be of help for reviewers of such LCAs who have the methodological knowledge but not the necessary product related expertise.

The content provided in this document was completed in July 2024. It is explicitly intended for public use and therefore may be distributed freely. The information is based on the best available data and scientific knowledge at the time of publication. Users of this guidance are encouraged to view this document as a tool for informed decision-making.